The Top 5 Most Evil Villains of Anime

The Top 5 Most Evil Villains of Anime


The villains we all are captivated and consumed with are abundant in the anime world. These are, in my humble opinion, the top five most evil of them all.

At No. 5 is Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka is a villain that you both love and hate. Everything he does is super creepy, and yet somehow, I can’t dislike him. He is so driven to fight the strongest people. It is amusing to see what he does to reach his overall goal. It can be intriguing sometimes when he manipulates people, and just as interesting when he is not able to get his way. His mannerisms are so fun, and he is a great character.

At No. 4 is Kira from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Probably a different Kira than you were expecting,Yoshikage Kira from the fourth part of the Jojo manga is one of the most compelling villains I have seen. Yoshikage is someone who just wants a quiet life, but in order to maintain happiness, he also has a bad habit. He has a compelling need to kill girls and cut their arms off. Alongside this, he has the power of his stand, killer queen (and substands, sheer heart attack and bites the dust), which has the power to turn anything he touches into a bomb, which he can remotely detonate. He is a terrifying villain because not only does he have the crazy powers of Jojo, but he also has the fact that he is a real life-like serial killer. There are people like him actually out there. Everything about kira makes him a great villan.

At No. 3 is Light Yagami from Deathnote. Here is the Kira you’ve been expecting. Light Yagami is one of the best written characters ever. He is the villain, but he is also the protagonist. He is evil, but is he? It is left for the viewer to decide, and has launched a massive moral debate. As the series progresses, you see his change from a person with evil plans but good intentions, to someone who only cares about himself and his own plans. He is a brilliant character, and he makes the show as compelling as it is.

At No. 2 is Frieza from Dragonball Z. When you think of a villain, few outdo Frieza in evil. Frieza conquers and sells planets for a living, enslaves entire races, will destroy planets just because he feels like it, and is just cruel. Frieza is the embodiment of pure evil, as Goku is the embodiment of pure good. If there is something evil that could be done, frieza probably has done it.

Finally, at No. 1 on the list is DIO from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dio, dio, DIO! Dio is, evil. He Killed his father, went to live with the Joestars, burnt Danny alive, and assaulted poor Erina. He became a vampire, killed thousands, if not millions, came back to life, started being a force for evil with an entire army of stand users, and plots for basically an apocalypse and a world ruled completely by him. (though he later trusted it to his associate, Pucci. Then, after the seies reboots into an alternate universe, he is still not done, because he comes back as Diego and causes even more trouble for Johnny and Gyro. Dio did everything wrong. His actions are the cause of everything that happens throughout the series, directly or indirectly. To know DIO is to know evil, and that’s why I gave him the #1 spot on this list.

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