Online Dating Causes Health Problems?

Online Dating Causes Health Problems?

Online Dating Health Problems
There are so many popular online dating sites that make the mind wonder on why there are still single people out there? Online dating should be easy, right? You can live behind the mask of the internet and pretend to be whoever you want to be. You can be rich, good-looking, and definitely outspoken. People feel like they are too busy to speak face to face like in the days of old which made life much easier instead of difficult like online dating. Chatting online is nothing like having a real one on one conversation in the flesh, but hey what do I know.

No online dating services will ever admit that their site causes the number one break-ups according to a new study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. Adita Paul conducted a survey of approximately 4,000 people entitled “How Couples Meet and Stay Together.” One third of the people in her survey split up after one year of dating, while 23 percent have blossomed into relationships off-line.

Online dating causes much stress mentality that can cause a person to fall into depression. Online dating can distort or exaggerate the expected dating experience more than dating normally. You feel as if someone gave you a shot of adrenaline rush and you’re overzealous about every single detail and if that’s not the worst of it you became an addict. You start dating every single week with newer people who will eventually drain you. You’re mind, soul and spirit can’t intake so many details at a time. Every person you date will compare them and ultimately wished you can merge two or three of them into one. This lifestyle does exacerbate into a casual sex culture which is being enforced by these online dating sites. Even though some of these dating sites do have good attention in helping people find each other, but like anything else in life it has been twisted for evil.

Trust also becomes an issue as because the mind starts to wonder if the person your meeting is actually the right person. Most people have a double life in which whom they are online is totally different from the person truly are. It’s like buying an electronic online that you only read the description and stared at the photo. Then comes the day when you receive it by the UPS. You become so excited and your heart is rushing to open the box. You rip the plastic and become a little disappointed. As you begin to test it and find out that it’s not great as you thought it would be. What happens next is what happens to most people you repackage it and send it back for a total refund. Funny thing is that one can avoid all that heartbreak by simply walking in to your favorite electronic store. There you can touch, test, and see your product for yourself. Right there you can do a proper decision to purchase it. One way to make life less stressful!

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