My Love Affair With Pharrell Williams

My Love Affair With Pharrell Williams

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OK, so I actually never met the man, and up until a few months ago, never even heard of him. This multi-talented singer,producer, drummer, artist, writer, and so much more, has recently been propelled into the spotlight with his hit song “Happy” fromthe movie soundtrack, Despicable Me, and as one of this season’s guest judge spot on The Voice. The New York Times is even calling this “the year of Pharrell.” Yet, what makes him so special? There is no shortage of artists and entertainers who don the distinction of being “multi-talented.” Could it be his never-ending inventory of crazy hats that have since become his unique signature that sets him apart? Perhaps his deep brown eyes and boyish smile that could probably hypnotize a starving lion in a butcher shop? Without a doubt, there is something about Pharrell that draws you in as if you’re about to witness angels descending from the clouds.

“It might sound crazy what I’m ‘bout to say….” but he makes me happy. He really does. There is something just so real and authentic in the way he interacts with people. He is a presence and his energy can literally be felt through the TV screen. His positive approach in his lyrics and his deep sense of humanness is so refreshing and profoundly different in comparison to “artists” of the same genre. As a mother of two teenage boys who have unquestionably plugged themselves into rap music, it’s refreshing to see an artist build success upon morals and decency, rather than the degradation of women and violence. I feel like he “gets it” and understands that his rise to success was not so much about his talent and drive to get there, but more about a power larger than himself that conspired the people and events in his life to come together in divine timing because he understood the responsibility in his message. There is a resonant unselfishness in his drive that he admits was not always there.

His humble honesty about his personal and professional evolution sets him apart from most as he openly talks about his need for significance. He spent years imitating artists like Jay-Z and Kanye instead of trusting his own uniqueness, keeping him behind the scenes for much of his career. However, it is exactly his uniqueness that makes him so captivating and successful. He is articulate, soulful, charming, and authentic, as well as wears an innocence that make him approachable, and most definitely, likable, or in my case, lovable. His open appreciation to the women in his life and the role they played in his career, coupled with his devotion to women’s rights, puts him in a category all his own, and most certainly, awards him a thumbs up from this mom.

I am grateful to Pharrell for having the courage to peel through the layers of himself to find his authentic voice and gifting it to the world. As we are bombarded with news of devastation and destruction, he is a light among the darkness.

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