Movie Remake

Movie Remake

Movie RemakeIt would seem to me that there is an abundance of movies these days. Many of which are repeats from early times where movie making was magical and held wonders in our hearts. Now we view movies on our computers while we fly across the globe or on our smart phones while we take the train to work.

The point is that the movies we see are easily accessible. Does this mean we should pump out movies left and right just to fill a demand the consumer has? In my opinion I think not. These movies we watch have no real meaning to them. They are terribly put together and have no plot. Okay well not all of them but most movies that come out in this day and age are really far off. I mean when is the last time you have seen a truly scary movie? Or was it just quick cut scenes of a shaky camera capturing shutting doors and floating objects? I remember when movies use to take me away from the harshness of my reality. Over loaded with stress from work and bills I could escape within a truly captivating movie. It was like watching an intricate novel. A masterpiece of flowing movement and life put on screen.

Now I feel as though we have lost that step in the movie making process. Where has the magic gone? Why have we decided to put forth garbage amongst each other and accept it? I know being in the entertainment industry there is much to be said about what we put out into the world. Most questionable outlets are radio and television. They can be no better and no worst then what we have seen lately in movie making. I argue the point that we need to go back and take a page from history. Sometimes we need to endure those movie remakes or movie repeats. They give us insight into how the entire movie making process sprung to life. Afred Hitchcock was arguable one of the greatest movie makers of all time. It was almost like his life was the movie and what he captured on screen was his outlet.

I have never seen more moving and powerful work come from one individual in the filming industry at his time. He is and always will be a legend in my mind. I guess the reason I’m writing this is to persuade you to take a stand. If we can all raise our standards of what we want to see, is it not possible to have writers create better content? I want directors to design better scenes. I want producers to cut better quality movies that will shape those who see them. I think this is not too much to ask for, especially if you’re paying top dollar to see these films. And those actors are getting paid even more. It is only something to think about. It is not a life or death situation, but wouldn’t it be nice if we had a say in something so magical as movie making?

By Tori Jones

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