J-Stars Victory Vs. + Is Localized

J-Stars Victory Vs. + Is Localized

J-Stars Victory Vs.+
About a year ago, I wrote my very first article ever to be published to the internet. That article was about a game called J-Stars Victory Vs. I wrote an article about all the opportunities missed with that game not being localized in North America or the PAL regions. Throughout the year, I noticed an increase in anime games being localized here, whether it was the numerous One Piece games, Sword Art Online, or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, there was a definite increase in the anime based games coming to America. Even so, after all these months since the release of the game, I began to lose hope that the game would ever see the light of day in America. I happily played my imported Japanese copy and thought that would be all we would get.

On this day, all my dead hopes and dreams of playing J-stars AND understanding what the characters are saying has re-awakened as J-Stars Victory Vs. + has been announced for Playstation 3, 4, and vita, with a western release confirmed. This game releasing in North America is a massive success for the entire community of anime fan gamers, finally having a breakthrough in the western market for gaming. The risks for bringing the game over is certainly high, with all the licenses and IP’S they had to get, but they were able to see that the market is big enough to take those kinds of risks. It makes me truly happy to see that the dreams of all the fans can finally come true.

For those unfamiliar with the game, J-stars is a 3D brawler, tag-team, crossover game featuring a ton of characters from the “Weekly Shonen Jump” manga magazine. If you have ever seen anime in your life, there is probably a 90% chance that you have seen one of the anime represented in this game. From Goku to Gintoki to Kenshiro, to Jojo, this game has got almost everyone.

On the note of characters, considering that it is J-Stars +, it is very likely that we will see some new characters, maybe some new stages. Some data found in the game showed incomplete files for Jotaro Dio and Dai as playable characters, and Yoh as an assist. Perhaps in the new version at least those incomplete characters will be made playable. It seems likely, as the only reason I can see that such flagship characters like Jotaro and Dio would be excluded would be spoiler move sets for anime only fans, and with a summer 2015 release that won’t be a problem. I do also hope to see some characters getting a promotion from assist to playable, as characters like Hisoka and Rukia truly deserve a spot on the roster. Some characters should also hopefully have slightly altered move sets, like Naruto and his newer transformations, and Gon with his spoilerific transformation. One feature confirmed for this version of the game is an arcade mode. This mode will likely be just like the arcade modes of the countless fighting games predating it, involving fighting a long series of battles with one character.

Whatever the future of the game has in store, it is bound to be fantastic. Be proud Otaku Gamers, this game being release in the west is thanks to your support.

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