Divi Aruba All Inclusive: One Happy Island

Divi Aruba All Inclusive: One Happy Island

Divi ArubaIt is sometimes hard for families to find a fun, safe and tropical island to vacation to, but search no more and embrace the Divi Aruba Resort. The peaceful island of Aruba uses the motto of ‘”One Happy Island” and The Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resort has a load full of happy.

Divi Aruba

The Divi-Divi Tree

Aruba is located off the coast of Venezuela and is a tiny island being only 19.6 miles long and six miles wide. The island itself is fairly flat with its highest peak being 188 m. Papiamento and Dutch are the common languages with, of course, English and Spanish flourishing all over. The weather is mostly always beautiful with Aruba getting only about 20 inches of rain a year. Knowing that information takes away the surprise of how the island is covered in cacti. Cacti and Divi-Divi trees dominate this beautiful vacation getaway. The Kadushi Cactus is the most visible as it towers up to tall heights, ten feet and then some. The Kadushi Cactus is also used for soup. The Divi Divi tree are these gorgeous trees that slightly resemble what one would see out on the Serengeti. Growing to about 50 feet tall, the Divi-Divi tree has twisted branches the remind one of Medusa’s wriggling snakes on her head.

The Divi Aruba has so many elements to attract families from all over the globe. The main one would be how the resort is a returning escape for many families. Strangers have become friends and many keep in touch and return to the resort at the same time so that their families and children and enjoy the vacation together. Giving it another layer of happy. So to say that the resort is family friendly would be an understatement.

Another great treat is that the beaches are gloriously clean and are not crowded. That’s right, a beautiful, white sand beach with a handful of families and friends sprinkled on the coastline. Guests never have to worry about squeezing their family onto the beach or having to send one person ahead very early to reserve a place. It is so peaceful and relaxing to be in such a heavenly place and still have your personal space and a bunch more to spare.

Of course the next important thing on all travelers minds is the food. The Divi Aruba Resort is not on “One Happy Island” for nothing. The resort boasts 4 great restaurants, grills and bars, each with its own specialty.

Divi Aruba

The Pelican Terrace

The Pelican Terrace is the hot spot of the resort. It is open three times daily and serves a fabulous buffet spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has an excellent variety of all sorts of international dishes.

The Red Parrot is the fancy restaurant and reservations are needed. The menu is gourmet based with local dishes and international. The menu also caters to children and it is a nice change to have a sit down with service.

Divi Aruba

The Coco Grill and Bar

The Coco Grill and Bar is going to be the families best friend for the entire stay. There you can get the best pizza you have ever had, made and baked fresh and right before your eyes. In ten minutes you are eating by the pool side.

The Sandpiper is located right off the beach and is great for the kids while spending the day by the blue ocean. The Sandpiper serves hot dogs and hamburgers and more Americanized based foods.

When travelers buy the all-inclusive package at the Divi Aruba, that “One Happy Island” becomes just that. Not only do you have access to all the restaurants for free, as with open bar service but you also have access to the Tamarijin Aruba Resort which is just a walk down the beach. The two are sister resorts and families can enjoy walking down to try out different restaurants. One in particular offers a great dining experience. The Palm Grill is a restaurant where the table has a round grill in its center and the food you order comes raw and the family enjoys a kind of BBQ in Aruba.

The rooms are gorgeous, air-conditioned and have a small fridge. So families can get groceries and drinks or grab some pizza and drinks from the Coco Grill and Bar, throw them in the fridge for when everything closes.

Last but not least, the “One Happy Island’s” Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resorts has the best staff ever. They are so friendly and helpful that families and guests forget they are not talking with a good friend. So the next time the family is need of a getaway, remember the Divi Aruba and escape to a true island in paradise.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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