Days of Future Past: Continuity Issues?

Days of Future Past: Continuity Issues?

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For those who have not had a chance to read Screen Rant‘s article on Days of Future Past continuity problems by Kofi Outlaw can save their time cause the article is filled with points of view you can bust holes through. Here are some of the points the writer thinks are significant.

1. Wolverine Admantium Skeleton-Kofi goes on to say that the movie never explains that how future Wolverine got his admantium skeleton back.

What I think-Kofi is right that the movie does not explain how Wolverine got his admantium skeleton that’s because the movie does not need to explain it. Anybody who knows their comics history would know that Wolverine does not get his admantium skeleton back until his encounter with Apocalypse and that is something Singer is planning to use in the next X-Men movie where we get a glimpse of that at the end of Days of Future Past.

2. Mystique/Xavier/Magneto love triangle never existed in the original Trilogy-Kofi goes on to say that the relationship and back story Mystique shared with Charles Xavier and her relationship conflict between Charles and Eric never existed in the original X-Men Trilogy and that creates a continuity problem.

What I think-Kofi never realized that the Mystique in the original trilogy and the one in Days is a completely different Mystique! The Mystique in Days of Future Past is like in her twenties and the one in the original trilogy is like in her 60’s but looks like she still in her 30’s. The writer of the article failure to realized that point and assumes both characters are one of the same without realizing the time periods the original trilogy and Days of Future Past take place. Mystique in Days is still developing and we get a glimpse of the events that take place in her evolution to the character we all know in the original trilogy.

3. Prof X misquotes Wolverine-Kofi claims that in X-Men movie First Class that Wolverine says to Charles and Eric “Go F*ck Yourself” and in Days Charles quotes Wolverine by saying “F*ck Off!”

What I think- Well it may be hard to swallow but there are two versions of this scene. When I saw the movie I remember discussing it with my friend Wolverine saying the latter. I mean it couldn’t be possible that two different individuals heard wrong could it? That being said, the DVD verison of First Class does show Wolverine saying “Go F*ck Yourself.” Sorry Kofi, but other people did see a different version.

4. Prof X lives-Kofi is shocked as to how Charles Xavier survives X3 and still looks like his normal self. He tries to use one of his readers’ rational that Charles transfers his consciousness into his twin brother.

What I think-Kofi forgets that Charles Xavier has the ability to project mental Hologram images of himself to others. So therefore forget about the whole twin brother thing. The only thing I would argue is, Charles if you can transfer your consciousness into another body why the hell would you pick a body that belong to another paraplegic like yourself? You must like wheel chairs.

5. Bolivar Trask is a little person in Days-Kofi points he chooses to argue are a bit lame and his rational he uses can easily be argue against. If Kofi really wants to make a interesting point why doesn’t he point out how Jean Grey is alive in the end of Days but dies in X3 or how about how Magneto gets his powers back after being stab with that serum stuff that takes away his powers in X3 like David Chen does in his article about Days of Future Past.

What I think-Bolivar Trask was adopted by an African american family who named him the same as their eldest son and was chasing Mystique only because he wanted to be able to change himself into tall dark handsome man with huge assets.

Whatever the case, I question Kofi’s interpretation of the film. I feel I could do a better job than him (which is not the reason why I’m writing this by the way), rather I just like pointing out people in high end paying jobs with questionable opinions.

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