Canneto Di Caronia, A Village Under Siege: Scientific Investigators Stumped

Canneto Di Caronia, A Village Under Siege: Scientific Investigators Stumped

Canneto Di Caronia
It was 2004 when I first read about the strange occurrences in Canneto Di Caronia, a tiny Italian fishing village on the coast of Northern Sicily between Palermo and Messina. While surfing the internet, I happened upon an article by Shasta Darlington in the online newspaper, Reuters. The headline read, “More Bizarre, ‘Ghost Fires’ Hit Tiny Sicilian Village”. I was hooked! Here’s what happened.

The town of a mere 39 inhabitants had reportedly been plagued with mysterious cases of spontaneous combustion! Electrical appliances that were unplugged had burst into flames. Electric fans and televisions turned themselves on without warning. Cars, appliances, and furniture suddenly caught fire instantaneously. At first, the police suspected pranksters were setting things on fire. But they ruled out that theory when they witnessed electrical wires bursting into flames before their eyes.

The town was evacuated and residents were placed in a nearby hotel and houses were rented for them until the authorities could conduct their investigations. Electricians, scientists and even an exorcist were sent in to try getting to the bottom of the strange occurrences. The place was poked and probed for any signs of geomagnetic, meteorological, electromagnetic and electrostatic interference, but no conclusive evidence as to the origins of the phenomenon was ever found.

Some older residents believed the devil was at work. One woman suggested sprinkling the blood of a goat in the village to take away what she called an evil curse. The Catholic exorcist, Gabriele Amorth was contacted to go in and do his own kind of “research”. He claimed he had seen this kind of thing before. He told Il Messaggero Daily, “Demons occupy a house and appear in electrical goods.” But the Committee for the Control of Paranormal Claims did not think, or at least they did not claim, that demons and poltergeists were responsible for the fires.

According to my Sicilian friend, Daniela Giordano, this isn’t over yet! She told me that there had been several UFO sightings around Canneto Di Caronia. Surveillance cameras were installed along some of the beaches, and they caught UFOs circling the area, but due to lack of funds, they had to be dismantled. In 2014, ten years after the first occurrences, spontaneous fires, UFO sightings, and more bizarre goings on continue to plague the village! Cell phones ring with no one calling. Parked cars all lock at once. An empty car starts its engine, and cars travelling through a local tunnel suddenly shut down, and then start up again. Batteries fail all of a sudden. Navigation systems and electronic equipment begin to act “crazy”. Easy chairs and mattresses overheat and burn. What on earth is going on?

Is the sleepy little village of Canneto Di Caronia some kind of vortex for electromagnetic energy? Is it being targeted by some unknown source? What about the volcano, Mt. Etna? Could it have something to do with the bizarre occurrences? Is it the devil or some kind of natural phenomenon? Are Aliens or the military conducting some kind of secret experiments? It all sounds too outrageous. Maybe if once and for all the the local residents, the scientists, priests, exorcists, psychics and police would join forces, they might come up with some answers, and possibly solutions, to this ongoing mystery.

By: Bonnie Maffei

Image by SA 3.0 License

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