Bet Awards: Is Robin Thicke Breaking Down?

Bet Awards: Is Robin Thicke Breaking Down?

BET awards Robin ThickeThe BET Awards aired June 29 and though there were many great musical moments, some were a little awkward. Once again, Robin Thicke reaches out in desperation dedicating his performance to Paula Patton in hopes to get his estranged wife back. The performance at the Bet Awards left viewers and fans asking themselves if Robin Thicke is having an emotional break down.

The couple announced their separation in February stating the split was mutual. The news came after nine years of marriage and just days after the announcement, Thicke could not keep quiet about it. “For y’all that don’t know, me and my wife separated,” he said on stage,”but I’m trying to get my girl back.” The singer went on to say that Patton was a “good woman.”

That very public confession was not the end of Thicke’s campaign to win back his wife. The musician went as far as to name his new album Paula and make no mistake, Thicke wants the world to know that each song on the album is dedicated to Patton as well as about her. At the Billboard Music Awards, Thicke’s direct and public approach continued when he dedicated his performance, again to Patton. “All right, you got to help me,” Thicke asked the crowd, “try to get her back.” Thicke then sang a song from the Paula album titled, you guessed it, Get Her Back. The one very uncomfortable and awkward moment during that song for Patton, Thicke ended up dropping on his knees and actually began thrusting his pelvis as he sang. The awkward part was that he was right in front of a screaming female fan, who actually, looked a little awkward herself.

With the Bet Awards having Thicke dedicate yet another song for Patton and to save his relationship, many are wondering if Thicke is slowly having a break down. During his performance at the BET Awards, the singer did not look his best. His eyes were red and bloodshot, and his face looked puffy. Perhaps the singer was crying before, during and even after the performance?

Thicke’s womanizing is no secret and has been a bone of contention for the troubled, married couple. Though Thicke, is pouring it on thick, Patton doesn’t seem to be buying into any of it. Though she has not yet updated her Twitter account which still states she is the “wife of the amazing, brilliant, genius @RobinThicke,” Patton has kept relatively quiet. Opening up once in an interview with Vanity Fair saying that there will always be a deep love between them.

From a statement of the separation being mutual to Thicke acting like some kind of crazy stalker has fans wondering just what is really going on in the mind of the Award winning Thicke. Maybe the Blurred Lines singer is crossing some lines he should not be. It is one thing to profess your love and dedicate a song or performance but Thicke is starting to act more like someone having a break down more than anything else. Fans hope that the couple can mend their relationship but some also think that Thicke just needs to relax, breath and give Patton some time to digest.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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